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Dr. Atul Sachdev; Dr. Ankush Mehta; Dr. Parampreet; Dr. Shalini; Dr. Uday Dr. Owais; Dr. Swati Marwaha

Reduction Of Lscs Rate In Nulliparous Women With A Term, Singleton Baby (Max Superspecialty Hospital Mohali India)


Li-Yen,Tu; Tan-Ju,Han;Heng-Feng,Cheng; Li-Chen,Chen

Apply the mindfulness-based reduction the emotions distress of pregnant women (Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Han-Ling Chen; Wan-Ju Li; Yun-Hsiang Hung

Building a Fall Risk Assessment Scale for the Obstetric Patient (E-Da Hospital Taiwan)


Li,Chia-Hua; Heng Feng-Cheng; Li Chen-Chen

Newborn safety care ~Clinical application of infant anti-theft (Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Chi-Yun,Peng; Meng-Chen,Hsieh; Heng-Feng,Cheng, Pei-Chi,Liu; Li-Chen,Chen

Use APP and Information-based nursing guidance to improve the quality of maternal care(Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Meng Chen-Hsieh; Heng Feng-Cheng;Pei Chi-Liu; Li Chen-Chen

Improving the safety of emergency treatment ofmothers and baby in delivery room(Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Yu-Ching Tung; Meng-Chen Hsieh;Heng-FengCheng; Li-Chen Chen

Midwife Intervention in High-risk Pregnancy Maternal Health Management(Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Shivam Agrawal

M-Heatlh More Like Maternalhealth: Mobile Health Andtelemedicine For Maternity Care(Amrita Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre India)


Yen-Ju Chen, Yueh-Chu Peng*, Hui-Chin Chen, Su-Chiu Wang, Mei-Yu Chang

A Study on Prolonging the Skin-to-skin Contact of Babies Born Vaginally by 1h(Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan)


 Shu-Chen Wang

Reducing the incidence of hypothermia in premature neonates during transfer(Cathay General Hospital Taiwan)


Ya-Fung,Ko; Yu-Ting,Hung;

The Effectiveness of Using Bed-Side Teaching with Neonatal Nursing Guidance in Postpartum Mother(Chi Mei Hospital Taiwan)


Yong-Chuan Chen, Chia Ling Hsu, Ya-Ting Yang, Ya-Huei Chen, Mei-Yu Chang

Analysis of breastfeeding in newborns separated from mothers before and after the pandemic of COVID-19(Taichung Veterans General Hospital Taiwan)


S/N Amudha K

Breastfeed early for a healthier tomorrow(Sri Ramachandra Medical College India)


S/N Rebekha Sheela A

Fall prevention in antenatal women“Protect the ones you love”(Sri Ramachandra Medical College India)


Chia E-Wu; Heng Feng-Cheng; Li Chen-Chen

Improve the tracking process of postpartum depression by using information technology(Chang Gung Medical Foundation Taiwan)


Mei-Hui,Hsieh; Hsiao-Yu,Liu; Chi,Huang

Management of Visitors to Baby Room in the Context of COVID-19: Online Visitations(Landseed International Hospital Taiwan)


Chia-Huei,Lin; Wan-Hsuan, Hung; Ching-Yin, Kao; Ya-Chun,Cheng; Ji-Yan,Lyu

The participation model of parturient women to enhance the integrity of fall prevention strategies(Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Taiwan)


Dr. Amitha  P Marla

A comparative study on training effectiveness on improved level of awareness on WHO safe childbirth checklist(A.J Institute of Hospital Management and A.J Hospital and Research Centre India)


Yu-Hsun Cheng, Sheng-Hui Hung, Chung-Min Shen, Shu-Chen Wang, Pa-Chun Wang

Apply the Multidisciplinary Team and Innovative Quality Improvement to Reduce Hypothermia in Premature Infants (Cathay General Hospital Taiwan)


Heng, Feng-Cheng; Meng,Chen-Hsieh; Li,Chen-Chen; Lun hui-Ho

Planning and Promotion in Response to the Delivery Room of the Epidemic for COVID-19(Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)



I Hua Huang


An Analysis on Parent Reported Infantile Colic Symptoms (Baby Room, Linkou Chang Gung MemorialHospital,Taiwan)


Vidya Mani

Safety for You and the Child in You (India)


Rui-Yin,Chang; Yi-Ru, Chen; Jhao-Jyun,Lyu; Chia-Hua,Tai; Hui-Chun,Chung; Ya-Chun,Cheng

Improving the Accuracy of Caring for Infant with Diaper Dermattitis(Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, Taiwan)


Hsin-Chun,Huang; Li-Ting,Su; Yu-Chen,Liu; Hsin-Yu,Chang; Mei-Chen,Ou-Yang; Mei-Yung, Chung; Chih-Cheng, Chen; Feng-Shun,Chen; I-Lun, Chen

Ultrasonography is an accurate, quick and safe method for localization of percutaneous central venous catheter tip in neonates(Department of Neonatology, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Linkou, Taiwan, Antai Medical Care Corporation Antai Tian-Sheng Memorial Hospital, Pingtung, Taiwan)

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